Biko Recipe ( Filipino Rice Cake)

Posted on March 5th, 2009 by Toni

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Biko is a special rice cake topped with caramel drizzles or latik. Biko is usually served during birthday parties, fiestas, Christmas, New Year and other celebrated events in Philippines.

photo credits - AJ Gazmen

Preparation time: 10 minutes.  Cooking time: 1 hour and 15 minutes.


2 cups malagkit (sticky rice)
3/4 c. sugar
3 1/2 c. diluted coconut milk
1/8 lb. butter
1 egg, beaten

1 can (15 oz.) condensed milk
3/4 cups rich coconut milk
2 to 3 tbsp. flour for quick thickening

1. Grate the coconut meat then squeeze out milk from 2 coconuts. Save 3/4 cup of the first milk squeezed out (1st extraction) for topping. Dilute the rest of the coconut milk to make 3 1/2 cups. You can use 1 can (12 ounces) frozen coconut milk, saving 3/4 cup of the thick milk for topping and diluting the rest with water to make 3 1/2 cups.
2. Boil rice and coconut milk in a heavy pot stirring constantly to keep from burning for about 15 to 20 minutes. When the rice is done and almost dry, lower the heat. Add the sugar and butter. Mix well and set aside. When cool, add the egg.
3. Spread the rice mixture in a well buttered Pyrex dish (11 3/4 x 7 1/2 x 1 3/4 inch). Bake in a preheated 300 degree oven for 20 minutes.
4. To make latik as topping: Combine all topping ingredients in a heavy saucepan and cook over low heat stirring constantly until thick (about 15 minutes). Pour topping over rice mixture in dish. Increase oven heat to 350 degrees. Bake until top is brown (about 15 minutes).

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7 Responses

  1. Jewel Pantaleon Says:

    we did the recipe (topping) it was really fun making biko!! it was yummy aswell!! this recipe was agreat help.

  2. Joy of My Filipino Recipes Says:

    Wow – your biko look so, so good! I’ve always loved Filipino dessert. I always love rice cake and I will definitely be trying your recipe! Thank you for sharing.

  3. remy Says:

    what you mean by add the eggs? like brush it on top or mix it in the rice? thank you

  4. Lulu Says:

    Everyone raved about my mother’s beco. She relied on her sense of smell,touch and sight when trying to convey her recipe to me by phone. I am delighted to have found this biko recipe! Now I will attempt to try it.

  5. sam savage Says:

    thx for helping me find this recipe i was looking for it for ages lol

  6. ave Says:

    I like this recip.I’ll try this one.

  7. kjlaberinto Says:

    hi my name is katz 1m 13 years old i love cooking tnx google i find the recipe of biko tnx to u aj

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